• Biotech and Healthcare

The Biotechnology and Healthcare panel invites speakers from and related to healthcare industries to explore the development and direction of Sino-American cooperation in the field of health, discuss cooperative opportunities and the impacts of technology on healthcare’s evolution, and to consider cooperation as a means to improve accessibility and quality of care. In the context of COVID-19, speakers may also probe ethical issues of mass surveillance and health education and the future of collaborative research in areas such as vaccine development.

  • Education

The Education panel focuses on the globalization of education and the challenges to global education brought on by COVID-19, such as international student’s visa and travel restrictions, maintaining cooperative programs at the institutional level or adapting students to non-traditional classrooms. The panel seeks to address these questions from the perspectives of governments, colleges, companies, and non-university institutions in China and the U.S.

  • Culture and Society

The culture and society panel focuses on shared social tensions between the U.S. and China in media polarization, social justice, and economic relations. Speakers may address these topics from both an institutional and personal level. Touching on how social identities relate to socioeconomic stratification, the panel may also discuss current issues related to economy unemployment, and entrepreneurship in the shadow of COVID-19.

  • Technology

The technology panel focuses on tech developments in the United States and China by exploring frontier technology such as 5G, AI, and space technology. This panel would also like to bring together scholars and industry veterans to discuss the applications and commercialization of these technologies in the new decade, revealing present challenges, ongoing projects, and opportunities for future cooperation hidden in the current tension.