Team Members


Huang Bihui

Public Relations Team

Huang Bihui, more commonly known as Honey, is a junior at DKU majoring in Media & Arts with a track in Creative Practice. Her interests focuses mainly on photography, short film production and translation works. Born and raised in Islamabad, Pakistan but having roots originating in China, Honey hopes to use her work as a way to build more intercultural bridges.


Junyi Tao

Public Relations Team

Hi I am Junyi, a sophomore at DKU. I major in Data Science and also have a true passion for humanities. My list of hobbies contains reading, writing, drawing, and so on. But what fascinates me the most is thinking, especially reflecting on myself and asking “strange” questions. Maybe that is why my friends sometimes call me “pirate Socrates”.


Galiya Kaidarova

Public Relations Team

Galiya Kaidarova is a junior student at DKU majoring in Global Health and Public Policy. She is from Kazakhstan. Galiya's interests lie in health and gender policies, international affairs, and cultures. She is currently studying at Duke, and very excited to be on the Public Relations Team for the DCUS 2021.


Zixin Ye

Public Relations Team

Zixin Ye, also known as Serena, is a sophomore at DKU who is interested in environmental economics. She also enjoys dealing with different people and travelling because of her curiosity and outgoing personality. Debate has always been her passion and it has been her habit to think critically when in faced with various opinions and ideas.


Xiao Liu

Public Relations Team

Xiao Liu (刘笑) is an undergraduate student from Class of 2023 at Duke Kunshan University. She majors in Media and Art with the track of Art History. She has a great passion for museums and art galleries, and is also interested in art history, especially ancient European art history. As a photographer, videographer, and visual designer, she has been doing several documentary projects and art projects, integrating sources and ideas from different fields. She has been a research scholar studying Zen and the Art of Detection and has also done other academic research on various topics. Besides art and history, she also has a wide interest in humanity-related topics, and always desires to learn more.


Meixuan Wang

Public Relations Team

Meixuan Wang is a sophomore at DKU majoring in Art History and Critical Studies. Her passion lies in Pop Culture, advertising, and installation art. She hopes to make use of new media technologies to establish bridges between different cultures.


Zhiduo Xie

Public Relations Team

Zhiduo Xie is currently a sophomore at DKU majoring in Political Economy with Economics track. She is passionate about cross-cultural communications and embraces various perspectives from all over the world. She also loves Chinese traditional art and is good at seal cutting. Through multiple lens of economy and society, Zhiduo hopes to contribute to a brighter future at the intersection of different cultures.


Yuhan Li

Operations & Finance Team

Yuhan Li, also known as Gracie, is a sophomore at Duke Kunshan University majoring in Political Economy with Economics track. She is willing to explore all kinds of possibilities and have passions for handcrafts, drawing, marketing.

Копия Chenyu_Wang.jpeg

Chenyu Wang

Operations & Finance Team

Chenyu Wang is a sophomore at Duke Kunshan University, whose major is applied mathematics. She has a great interest in cross-cultural communication and research, and she hopes to travel around the world to learn about more different cultures in the future .

Копия Chen Yongkang.jpg

Yongkang Chen

Operations & Finance Team

Yongkang Chen is currently a sophomore at DKU planning to major in World Literature. He is passionate about seeking various cultural elements from certain lietrature works from different cultural backgrounds. He is also interested in speaking, writing about culture diversity, and contributing to cultural industries for a better communication between different societies.

Копия Kuanfu_Chen.jpg

Kuanfu Chen

Content Design Team

Kuanfu Chen, who is also known as Uri, is a junior at DKU majoring in Environmental Science/Chemistry. His focus is on chemical and biological perspectives of the environment and health, such as aerosols, zoonotic diseases and so on. He is also interested in Sino-US relationships, and wants to learn more about the latest trend by working for 2021 Duke China-US summit.

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DCUS 2021 Executive Team

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Xuanyu Zhou


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Ada Ye


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Wanying He


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Nathan Cao

Co-president of Content Design



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Kris Ward


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Alex Smith


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Max Johnson