Workshop 1

Chinese Food: The Perfect but Unknown Blank Space for the Next Unicorn Company

MAR 18, 08:30 PM EDT // MAR 19, 08:30 AM Beijing Time


Yong Zhao

Co-Founder and CEO of Junzi Kitchen & Nice Day Chinese

​君子食堂&Nice Day中国菜餐饮创始人兼首席执行官

Incubated at Yale Entrepreneurial Institute and first opened in 2015, Yong founded Junzi Kitchen, an idea that grew out of a hunger for his childhood staples: northern Chinese food made with healthy, seasonal ingredients. 

Yet recreating the taste of home has done much more than sate his cravings—the amazing power of food in building community has inspired us to make our bings and noodles accessible to all.

In just three years, Junzi to four locations in New Haven, CT near Yale University, Morningside Heights near Columbia University, Greenwich Village near NYU and Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan—and that’s just the beginning! Yong will share more of his entrepreneurial adventures with Chinese food in this workshop


Workshop 2

 Intellectual Property as an Asset Class

MAR 18, 10:30 PM EDT  //  MAR 19, 10:30 AM Beijing Time

Henry Wang 1

Henry Wang

President of IPwe China
IPwe 中国区总裁

IPwe is the World's First Global Patent Market that combines the information and tools with AI and blockchain to identify, research, understand and transact in patents, with operations in both China and the US. The workshop will be a discussion on why and how Intellectual Property (IP) is rising as an important asset class in the digital era.